This page provides many routes which have been used from Hockley Heath.


Each route has a clickable link which opens up Garmin Connect, from where you can download the route to your own device.

There is also an image of the route which can be clicked to enlarge. Similarly, if there is a fair amount of climbing I have provided a clickable image of the profile.

RT29 Stratford, Loxley 50 miles

Not in a large group, or on a Saturday, due to traffic in Stratford.

RT19 Bidford, Langley 43 miles

RT17 Lickeys & hills 36 miles
Quite hilly!

RT15 Cotswolds 68 miles

Three big climbs:- Dovers, Saintbury & Illmington

RT14 canal circuit 34 miles

Off-road, so mountain bike only.

RT01 Stratford 40 miles

Not on a Saturday, or with a large group, as very busy in Stratford centre.